I hope the sun shines & it's a beautiful day, and something reminds you- you wish you had stayed.

Zack, 17 & somewhere between psychotic and iconic (◕‿◕✿)

“The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve learned that I have to open myself up to all opportunities. Maybe I’ll get burned and not meet the right people, but I won’t know until I do it.”

Untitled  |  Mario Pućić

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I just listened to All about the bass or whatever the fuck it's called and it actually made me feel really down. Like I used to have really bad self esteem and body issues, and still do just not as badly as before, was borderline anorexia and just drowning in my life, and this song actually made me feel really really badly about my self.
— Anonymous

:( I’m sorry that it did but please remember how ridiculous it is and how unrepresentative of the general population’s opinion on what body positivity actually is if you can x 

I had never watched the "All About that Bass" video until a few seconds ago after seeing all the posts on my dashboard about your blog and it just made me feel uncomfortable. She's basically saying that skinny people don't have nice asses, so they won't get any guys and is stereotyping skinny people to be like "Barbie dolls." I'm skinny and will get teased a lot for having small wrists and not having a lot of muscle. This video sends out such a negative message.
— Anonymous